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Twitter Hack #1

Hello hello hello,

Welcome to day 3/7 daily social media hacks.

Today and tomorrow are going to be about Twitter.

Now, most of you are unable to crack Twitter, and that’s only because you haven’t started writing threads.

When I started my Twitter journey, threads weren’t that big of a deal, but now threads are it.

One thread of mine got me, 7k followers. One viral tweet of mine gets me max of 500 followers.

So, you do the math.

Now that you know the value of a thread. Let’s talk about how to write one.

To write a thread you need to have 1 thing in mind: the perceived value of the thread must be higher than the commitment of opening it. Read that again.

You want people to read your title and just stop everything they’re doing and read it.


Bad thread:

“10 LinkedIn growth tips”

Good thread:

I paid $9795 to a LinkedIn coach.

You could do the same, or you could read this thread about the top 10 LinkedIn tips:

Reading time: ~7 minutes. Value: A lifetime.

The perceived value here is ($9795 in coaching)

Another example:

Bad thread:

“A thread on 7 marketing frameworks”

Good thread:

I went from zero to being a founder of a marketing agency in 2 years.

But I never studied marketing in college.

Those 5 years I spent 1,000+ hours studying 100s of books and resources.

I’ve distilled everything I learned into 7 simple frameworks.

Here they are ― for free:

You get the gist.

try that with a thread today and see how it goes!

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