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Twitter Hack #2

Hello hello hello,

Welcome to day 4/7 daily social media hacks.

Today, we’re back with another Twitter hack.

So, most people ask me what’s the ideal number of tweets we have to make in a day.

I tell them 4-5.

That’s when they turn back and leave and never look back at creating content on Twitter.

But, what If I tell you it takes me around 1 hour to make 28 tweets.

Well, it does, and I can’t believe I’m about to tell you my 3 step formula:

  1. Take an already viral tweet
  2. Think: What’s the idea behind this tweet?
  3. Rewrite using another idea

Confused? Let me give you an example.

This is a tweet of mine:

Unpopular opinion: turning your passion into your profession won’t always work out.

I made a similar tweet just by taking inspiration

Being passionate about something might not always pay the bills.

Another way to repurpose:

Original tweet:

If starting a business was easy, business professors would do it

New tweet:

Taking advice from someone who hasn’t built a business is like taking investment advice from someone who’s just played monopoly.

Still confused? Here’s another example

Original tweet:

Books are overrated.

You can only learn by doing

New tweet:

I would much rather be the person who reads 1 book but tries a 100 times

Than be the person, who reads a 100 books, but doesn’t implement anything.

All you have to do is find tweet inspirations and take the idea behind that tweet.

Easy? Now go be an implementor.

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