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Newsletter 10

Subject line: 15 LinkedIn Hooks you HAVE to try

If you are a CTS subscriber and you’re still not posting on LinkedIn, then it’s our fault.

We have to give you more things to push you guys.

So in today’s newsletter, we are going all out.

After getting 10,00,000+ followers for ourselves and our clients combined, here are 15 hooks we could think of for you

This will help you think of content ideas + will help you to create bomb hooks

Steal them and kickstart your journey NOW :


  1. You are making 3 mistakes around (add what you know about) and here is how you can troubleshoot them.
  2. Why aren’t (a trend) on (platform) working anymore?
  3. Why ___ is not enough for (add your industry)
  4. I studied the top content creators on______, and here’s what they are not telling you.
  5. I post regularly on_____, and here’s how you can do it too.
  6. My life changed as I started doing (add a habit)
  7. You’ll love this crazy hack to ___
  8. Here’s what the ______doesn’t want you to know.
  9. You might not like it, but (reality check)
  10. I might get a lot of flack for this, but ______ doesn’t work on ____ anymore.
  11. Do you know the best thing you can do if you are a (add your target audience).
  12. Here’s how you can revive (a problem related to your niche).
  13. Stop saying “common myths in your industry”. It doesn’t work; here’s what to do instead.
  14. Here’s how I’m able to do (whatever you are doing consistently)
  15. If you are experiencing (a problem in your niche), it’s probably because of____

You should now have almost 1 month of content planned in your head already.

Go block your calendar and start writing this.

Oh, that’s not it!

Reply to this email with your post link if you use any of the above hooks, we will make sure to engage on your posts.

What are you waiting for? You got it all served, just pick a spoon and start eating!

Looking forward to your amazing posts.

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