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Newsletter 7


Hi, name

Lately, the organic reach on LinkedIn has been insane. You might have seen people getting a couple of thousand followers every week, doing brand deals, and growing just because the platform is on fire right now.

But do you know what it boils down to? Great, relatable, and absolutely amazing content. In this newsletter, we are going to dissect 5 viral posts for you so that you can practically copy their formats and write your own post in minutes.

Bonus – There is a chance that your post might also go viral.

So let’s begin!

Post 1 –

Ankur Warikoo:-

Format dissection –

5 EASY ways to [do something ]






CTA: Do you have other alternative ways to do this? Comment below.

Post 2 –

Shade Zahrai:-

A problem you have overcome in life

The challenges you faced

How did you resolve/ seek help?

How it contributed to being the person you are today

CTA: Have you ever faced this challenge?

Post 3 –


The first day of doing something/ trying something for the first time

Your observations/lessons/experiences

ADD PICTURE of you doing the task

CTA: Have you tried this before/ do you have any suggestions?

Post 4 –

Ridhima Arora:-

The amount of time you have spent in your career

Summarize your experience

Advice to others who are starting out

CTA: DM me if you have any questions.

Post 5 –

Kunal Shah:-

A myth about your industry in one sentence.


The reality in one sentence.

[Name of the sub], the trick is to use these templates as inspiration.

Now go, write your next VIRAL POST.

TIP: Write a strong hook for all your posts.

P.S. I have 2 coupon codes to get LinkedIn premium, and I had to give it back to the community. So, reply back “I want the code” and I’ll choose 2 people at random <3

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