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Newsletter 6

SL – We spend $2000 on a coaching call. Here’s what we learned:

We invested $2000 in a training program.

At first, a lot of people questioned us, but guess what? It’s been 1 month and we’ve already gotten the ROI back.

Jumping right into it because I’m sure you’re curious about what all did you learn:

In today’s newsletter, we’ll tell you about the first 3 things that they tackled:

  1. SOPs
  2. Processes
  3. Work division

Basically, I and Vedika were working 14 hours a day and were completely burnt out every week.

This is the problem that we highlighted.

We wanted to automate our agency. Right now everything, and I mean everything was dependent on us. We did not want that.

So here’s what they suggested:

📍Time Tracking – We started understanding how much time we spend doing various tasks. We started using Toggl, and tracked our each and every hour.

📍Divide the Tasks – All of us were doing everything. Literally, my editor and I would edit the same doc. I and Vedika hopped on every client call together though only one of us was required. We understood the overlaps and cut them off.

📍Hire the Right People – We were always on a money-saving spree. So we never hired people who had high salary expectations but in the last 3 months – our profits have gone down as we have heavily invested in people and their well-being.

📍Make SOPs – Oh god, I can’t believe we did not do this for so long. Standard operating procedures have saved our lives. We have an SOP for everything now. One for each – writer, editor, special media manager, account manager, and HR. This way, people know what they are expected to do, why, and how.

To be honest, this by far has been our best investment.

If you wish to get our SOP format, post a story on your social media handles tagging the CTS newsletter joining link given below and we will email you the template.


Unnati & Vedika

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