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Newsletter 8


We’ve closed around 4 clients last month through Twitter, and it was because of our lead magnets. 🤯

When we told our students in our Lead Gen batch about lead magnets, mostly all of them were confused. So we knew what our next newsletter topic had to be about it 🤷🏽‍♀️

Here is what lead magnets are in a simple line: A lead magnet is a marketing term for a free item or service that is given away for the purpose of gathering contact details or for earning the trust of the client from the get-go.

Now, how do you let your customers know that you are capable enough for them to hire you?

You create a lead magnet showing what you bring to the table and how worthy you are.

This is what ours looks like for Twitter: We give free tweets/threads for them to see.

Best part? It takes us 15 mins to make it. Simply because we’ve templatized it for each industry. 🧠

Now, how should you come up with your original lead magnet (originality is very important)

Here are 3 tried and tested resources for you to find lead magnet ideas from:

  1. Fiverr

Search your job profile —> Then go to any service provider’s offerings —> See their basic plan—> Their basic plan can be your lead magnet idea to attract your prospect and convert them.

  1. Product Hunt

Search for say ‘content writing checklist’ and you will get tons of ideas and resources to rely on. You can look at them and make something similar as your lead magnet.

  1. Competitor Analysis

Check out similar Insta/Linkedin profiles of people and dissect the way they are marketing their business through links in bio/ urls/ posts etc.

Example –

Step 1 – Search profiles of awesome people in your industry

Step 2 – Click on the link in their bio and boom, you have your lead magnet ideas

Here – How to schedule your content can be a lead magnet for you

Now make your lead magnet, and see the leads 🌊 in!!

If you want us to send you a few random lead magnet ideas for your business, reply to this email with your business details and what you do and we’ll reply back to 50 of you with 💣 ideas.

ALSOO, we have selected 2 people to giveaway the LinkedIn Premium:

Congratulations!! Please send us your WhatsApp number and we’ll send you the codes!

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