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Subject Line: Find trending topics on LinkedIn- here’s how 👀

For Instagram, there’s a way to find songs that are trending

For Twitter, there’s a way to find topics that are trending

For YouTube, there’s a way to find topics that are trending

But what’s a way to find trending topics/posts on LinkedIn? None.

We’ve been trying out tools, but none of them show relevant results.

But we’re Indians, we always find a Jugaad (way around things)

So, what we did was, we’ve identified top profiles on LinkedIn that you should follow for a certain type of content because they mostly cover stuff that is trending.

Now, when they cover a trending topic. Type it on Google, track down the sources they got the trending topic from and you’ll know from where exactly these folks get their content.

All you have to do is – every day in the morning, open that source and see what’s new on that particular day, and if it catches your eyes see if anyone has spoken about it on LinkedIn.

If not, you might just become the trend-maker.

If yes, then it means it’s already started trending and you should jump on the trend ASAP.

So without further ado, here are the people you should follow:

LinkedIn profiles for trending topics

We’ve done our job, now it’s time to do yours.

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