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Newsletter 2

Subject Line: Ankur Warikoo agreed to come for my Twitter Space. Here’s the tea ☕️

Twitter spaces is an underrated hack to grow on Twitter.

Before that let me give you context:

I convinced Ankur Warikoo to come for a Twitter space.

This is the message I had written (without blurring it out lol)

After a few more months,

I got Alex to come for a Twitter space (this actually led to us becoming friends lol)

Again, here’s the proof

Now I know what you guys are thinking, you have so many followers so people agreed. What about people who are just starting out?

I’ve taken out messages that I got in my DM inviting me to twitter spaces all with 500+ followers, and I got on a Twitter space with all of them, just because their DM was good.

Here they are:

Template 1:

Hi Vedika,

Hope you are doing well.

Would you be interested in joining as a guest speaker for a Twitter space on “Freelance Journey”?

Last week, I hosted Saheli Chatterjee and she shared some great insights.

Template 2:

Hi, I conducted my first Twitter spaces a few days back and got a total of 70+ people listening to me for an hour which was pretty cool.

Would love to host you for the next one.

Template 3

So, I used to do The Being Different Show on YouTube, got some really cool and well-known international guests. Did that for a while and now since Twitter seems to be a nice place, I started doing it over Twitter.

Realised there are people who are young and doing great things, just like you. So, why not bring their perspectives on the table.

That’s why I started doing the show on Twitter Spaces. Have done a couple of shows here, and would like you to be the next guest.

Maybe we can talk about Freelancing, Starting your own business, and your story.

Don’t copy these templates, take inspiration from them and invite people for spaces.

Here’s how you can use them:

  1. Invite people who can be your clients so that you can reach out to them without being sales-y
  2. Invite content creators on Twitter to attract their audience to yours
  3. Invite

That’s how easy it is.

Now go leverage Twitter spaces, and talk to people you admire<3

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