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Newsletter 3

Subject line: My client made $3000 with 3000 followers. Here’s how 🔎

Client: “I like the work you guys do, but here’s the problem, I want instant monetization on my Instagram channel”

Unnati: “How many followers do you have?”

Client: “3000. But all of them are very niche”

Unnati: “Cool, we’ll figure something out”

This was a conversation between a client and us.

Name of the client – Let’s name him Moni.

Problem statement – Moni wanted instant money (sorry we had to). He had 100+ posts and 3000 followers when he came to us and the value he provided to his audience was insane

His niche – Amazon FBA

His target audience – People who want to sell high-profit products on Amazon in the US

We hopped on a consultation call with him and he loved our plan of action. But…..he wanted to monetize from day 1.

Background – He had been cheated by his previous social media manager.

So here is what we proposed as soon as we signed him up –

  1. Start a 10 days story streak that is high on value.
  2. Then tell your audience that if they are interested in this kind of content, they can sign up for your exclusive stories as ‘close friends’
  3. All they have to do is to take payments from Razorpay  and tell your VA to add those people to the close friend’s group.

Result –

At the end of the 10-day value bomb stories – 300 people signed up for his exclusive content @ $10 per month.

Benefits –

  1. Low-tech stack
  2. Instant monetization
  3. Recurrent revenue

Voila, that’s what even you can do.

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