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Learn how to get clients/leads &

Earn in 6 figures

We’re two agency owners making 6 Figures, and in this 2-month cohort-based program we’ll show you how to do the exact same thing by closing high-ticket social media clients for your freelancing/agency business.

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Meet your instructors

Vedika Bhaia

Founder, The Fourth Square & content creator with 1,50,000 online following

Unnati Bagga

Founder, and content creator with 40,000 online following, 6-figure agency

Featured in

Learn from mentors who have worked with 75+ brands so far such as:

And we did all of that without even a marketing degree!

Do you think you need a marketing degree to work with your dream clients? Let us tell you a secret…

Both of us have done Economics and commerce courses.

Both of us have just invested in 2-3 courses that too by content creators and not Universities.

Is your answer a ‘yes’ to any of the questions below?

You have a skill, but you aren’t being able to monetize it

You are an introvert and you don’t want to make reels to get leads

You are tired of cold pitching and getting no replies back

You are not getting high paying clients even though you have the skill for it

Your inbound marketing strategy is not getting you your dream clients in your inbox

You want to 10x your revenue in the next 3 months

You’re a freelancer and want to become an agency owner

You want to earn in 6 figures

If you said yes to any 2 of these points, then this course is for you.

If you find yourself nodding a yes, I am saving a seat for you at Lead Gen Mastery.

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Who is this program for ?

Aspiring Freelancers

If you are trying to get paid decent fees and find yourself at a dead-end, we will get you unstuck

Startup Founders

Anyone who’s curious to learn about freelancing/lead generation

Early-stage agency owners

Dear Agency Owner, profits become a huge problem as you scale and high-quality lead gen is the only solution.

Social Media Managers

How much more can you charge when your service directly generates revenue for your clients? Lead Gen is exactly that process

Anyone who’s curious to learn about freelancing/lead generation

Learn about 10 lead generation methods!

Book a seat now & get everything under Rs. 10,000/-

Since you’ve read so far, we’ve started a timer…


In 90 days from now, If you implement everything we say, you will be earning anywhere between $1000-$5000 per month, BUT it depends on the following


You have a skill which you can monetise


You have a laptop with an internet connection


You’re ready to invest in yourself


You’ll implement whatever you will learn

Here is a week wise schedule of our 2 months cohort-based program



  • Buyers persona
  • How to make offers
  • Lead magnet
  • Contracts
  • Discovery questions
  • Portfolio building



  • Designing your portfolio and lead magnet
  • Scrapping of data



  • Crunchbase
  • Agency aggregators
  • Product hunt slack
  • Facebook groups
  • Business processes



  • Cold emailing
  • LinkedIn automation
  • Scripts
  • How to use these scripts



  • Fiverr
  • Facebook ads



  • Sales calls 



  • How to make money from multiple source of income



  • Get your 1st client marathon
  • Doubt clearing sessions

You don’t need 2 years like you need for an  MBA degree

You don’t need 12 months like you need for a diploma course

You just need 2 months, you change your career trajectory and earn your dream numbers

Meet your mentors

Vedika Bhaia

Hi! My name is Vedika, and I work as a personal branding strategist. I’ve been assisting industry experts and entrepreneurs in developing a strong personal brand on LinkedIn and Twitter which in turn establishes thought leadership and gets them leads.

I began my personal branding journey 2.5 years ago and have never looked back since. Through my personal brand alone, I was able to establish my six-figure agency called “The Fourth Square”

your company brand might come and go, but your personal brand will remain with you forever. Invest in it.

Unnati Bagga

4 years, 50 brands, and a beautiful transition from a sales rep to an organic growth specialist later – I am here to guide you through all the rough freelancing roads.

I have directly and indirectly worked with brands like Acer, Sarva, Realme etc. for content and content marketing.

Welcome to Crack Those Socials, our baby that Vedika & I started 1 month back.

After 200 students and tons of feedback, we hope you will love what is in it.

Our guest mentors

Rahul Choudhary

Web Designer & Full time freelancer

Rahul has over 6+ years of experience in generating leads, pitching & closing international clients. He has polished his pricing strategy over the years to ensure maximum conversions. Generated over 20 lakh Inr from Fiverr marketplace in last 2 years, designed over 200 Websites & has client-base in 17 countries including USA, UK, Australia etc.

Sushant Shekhar

Founder, SalesBlink, Instacopy

Sushant has over 5 years of experience in building companies. Two of his companies were acquired and he is presently running the show at SalesBlink and Instacopy. With 5000+ B2B clients for his sales software, he is going to teach you how to leverage SalesBlink to get clients at a lightning fast speed.

Gaurav Subham

Founder, DesignScript

Gaurav has over 12 years of marketing experience. He presently has a 6-figure agency that specializes in performance marketing and SEO. With 50+ clients, he is here to teach you everything about leveraging a funnel to generate unlimited leads for your business with paid ads.

We’ve invested over $10,000 ( that is 7,50,000 INR) learning what we’re teaching you.

We have also made 6 figures USD executing these strategies and we are confident that even you can do so.

But you don’t have to spend even half of that.

Hell not even 10% of it.

In fact you get it at less than 1%

Sounds too good a deal? It actually is.

But only for the next 50 signups.


And we’re giving this to you for ONLY Rs.6,499/- (early bird offer)

Hear it from our community

We can give you a list of cliche comparisons of things you’ve done that are 100x more expensive, and have not added to your revenue in any way whatsoever.

Unlock these life time bonuses worth $2000

Heavy discounts on recommended tools

– get discounts on tools and save $$

Lifetime access to the ‘marketing pro’ community

– network with like-minded individuals and grow together

Access to our curated marketing newsletter

– never stop upskilling and stay updated with the latest marketing trends

Access to 10+ leads every week

– get 10 qualified leads in your inbox every week and generate some $$

Take your decision fast, you only have

Hear it from people who have already invested !

You might have more questions. We’ve answered them:

If you know nothing about freelancing then our 3-month cohort-based course is a better pick for you.

Oh yes, then these courses are built for you. We’re going to teach you how to scale.

If you are certified, you get the following benefits

  1. Lead referrals
  2. Money-back, if you are not able to hit a minimum of $1000 (after implementing EVERYTHING we’ve taught of course)

We are keeping the batch size very limited so that we can work with everyone who joins us. So we would make sure all your doubts are clear else you can get access to us via our email and support team that will be there for you 12*7.

Yes, all the courses are curated and taken by both of the mentors. You will see a few guest lectures but that would be an additional benefit. However, we promise to deliver whatever we show, which means you get what you have been promised.

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